Enterprise Resource Planning

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Odoo offers a no-cost lifetime package that can be perfectly enough to cover the needs of
Start-ups, Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an industry term for the broad set of activities that help an organization manage its business. An important goal of ERP software is to integrate back office business processes and facilitate the flow of information within an organization so business decision can be data-driven.

ERP software suites are built to collect and organize data from various levels of an organization and connect business activities across departments. A structured approach to ERP can help a company standardize and automate its business processes and improve the efficiency of operations.

ERP software typically integrates all facets of an operation — including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing — in a single database, application and user interface.

Why Should You Choose Odoo?

Odoo is not just a standard management platform – it encompasses sales and project management in a single tool, and enriches them with a variety of MRP, POS, and e-commerce functions to deliver a universal solution that can help all businesses and manage all types of operations. Furthermore, the system goes a step ahead integrating every sales channel you can think of, which combined with its powerful inventory management, makes for the best business management solution to be found on the market these days.

Does your current ERP system lack the functionality you need? Odoo offers a wealth of functionalities with over 500+ modules that can be deployed to meet your business needs. Odoo is actively being developed and supported by the community and the stack of functionality continues to increase. Finding an ERP system that has the functionality you require is important. One of the first steps in any implementation is to analyze your company’s processes.

Ingenious Talents Consulting & Services can help with analyzing how well Odoo functionalities match your requirements.

It can be tailored to fit your company’s specific business requirements. In a highly competitive and fast changing world, companies like yours need to constantly push and innovate to keep pace with changing business scenarios. This can only be achieved with the right tools.

Need any custom features? you can do it with the help of our Best in Class Odoo Experts.

Do you have several business modules in your company and are looking to consolidate? This may pose many challenges such as lack of standardized business processes across the company and consistency of data in the different system. A situation like this calls for a consolidation strategy. Odoo enables companies to unify their business processes easily and effectively.

Our Odoo Experts can do that in a jiffy, at an affordable price.

Odoo is based on a technology stack that is modern and up-to-date. These technologies continue to be developed and adapted to the latest paradigms. Can you afford to wait till the technology your current system is using becomes completely obsolete?

Odoo gets frequent updates and upgrades according to the latest technological environment, so our Odoo Experts can keep updating your systems with the new updates.

It can be integrated with any other third-party service providers like SMS, Social media, shopping sites, Payment Gateways, etc.

About 3+ million people are growing their business by using Odoo. E.g.: Toyota, Hyundai, etc.

Responsive support from our Experts through mails and calls.

Less Implementation Cost & Time Frame:

Odoo is the definition of lowering TCO (total cost of ownership).

Cost savings in the following areas can often easily justify the expense of a new ERP system: operating costs, administrative costs, inventory costs, obsolete inventory, and maintenance costs. Other tangible improvements are usually realized in other areas such as percentage of completed and on-time delivery, reduction in cycle time, and total production output.

Another improvement with Odoo is the availability of on-demand and up-to-date reports that could take days, weeks, or months to produce in other circumstances. Often companies make the mistake to see an ERP system as a Cost Centre and fail to see the potential for these improvements. Can you afford not to switch to a modern, adaptable, integrated, easy to install, and easy to use ERP Solution like Odoo?

Can you afford not to switch to a modern, adaptable, integrated, easy to install, and easy to use ERP Solution like Odoo?

Odoo offers a no-cost lifetime package that can be perfectly enough to cover the needs of Start-ups, Small and Mid-Sized Businesses.

Implementation Process:

Our well experienced Odoo consultants can sketch the entire business diagram. They can provide the chart of application that must be installed and other customization requirements. Our Odoo developers can enhance / customize the existing source code as per our consultant's suggestions and implement it for you.

Our Skill Sets

  • Good Python Knowledge
  • Expertise in web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, XML, CSV, and HTML
  • Standard Business Process & Functional Knowledge
  • API framework knowledge
  • Expertise in PostgreSQL
  • Testing skills

All the developer skill (Listed above) and :

  • Outstanding Functional Knowledge
  • A comprehensive idea of Odoo app store
  • Good collaboration capacity with developers and clients
  • Good parsing & feasibility analysis skills
  • Ability to assess future business expansion requirements

Odoo can be implemented in two ways. Either it can be hosted in any server (preferably Linux based) or it can be used locally. It depends on the user needs. In both cases the basic implementation steps are:

  • To Install basic Odoo
  • Set up the load balancing, if needed
  • Set up the database
  • Install Odoo applications
  • Install customized apps, if any
  • Configuring Company Masters & User Level Access

Ingenious Talents Consulting & Services (P) Limited is an open source ERP Software Services provider, we have extensive experience in configuring and customizing ERP solutions for small and mid-sized companies. We are the best in class, cost efficient Odoo Experts who can manage and implement the ERP software promptly.


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