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Our History

10+ Years of Experience

Ingenious-Talents: A boutique consulting and services team offering first-string results in the space of Digital Marketing, ERP Development, Mobility and Web Technologies.

We aim to address ourselves unique by enhancing productivity and solely delivering fixated high quality, worthwhile development and implementation of services.

Our tailor-made solution suits every individual, enterprise needs, and we define the right objectives for Development, Integration, Deployment, and Support.

The solution we offer ensure downplay the gap and help you strike the legitimate balance between OUR offerings and YOUR needs.

Our consulting and expertise are based on varied platforms, first-rate tools and techniques, united with business finest practices.

Our Mission
Changing The Unchangeable

We care to solve day-day toughest challenges by providing incomparable consulting and operations using industry’s best practices and domain knowledge for scaling down the cost, stamp out disruptions, and preparing the business for the challenges of tomorrow.

We place an insistence on a thorough understanding of your business so that we can develop a system using cutting-edge solutions and entrenched techniques, that will be Robust, User-Friendly and Secure.

The Family


Talented team with decades of experience and a solid reputation in the industry. We are focused delivering solutions that are scalable & extendable and falls within your budget. Having our knowledge in various platforms and unequaled software industry expertise, we help reduce implementation time and risk.

Nali Ahmed
Managing Director
Operations Director
Shiva K
Lead Programmer

& more...

The Believers

Our broad range of solutions include workforce management consoles, dynamic scheduling & tracking, unified management dashboards, application development and other end-to-end techniques give you complete control over both the organizational resource end as well as the customer service end.

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