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Application Development & Digital Marketing

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Ingenious Talents Consulting & Services

About Us

A boutique consulting and services team offering first-string results in the space of Digital Marketing, ERP Development, Mobility and Web Technologies.
We aim to address ourselves unique by enhancing productivity and solely delivering fixated high quality, worthwhile development and implementation of services.


We care to solve day-day toughest challenges by providing incomparable consulting and operations using industry’s best practices and domain knowledge for scaling down the cost, stamp out disruptions, and preparing the business for the challenges of tomorrow.


Our vision perspective has always been on accelerating business in terms of growth and revenue, irrespective of its size and addresses the four critical elements of business operations: Unique Product, People, Strategy and Right Attitude.

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Consulting & Services


We’re a professional creative agency, that takes care of all the digital marketing solutions for your brand.


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Enterprise Resource Planning

We increase business productivity by automating time-intensive tasks like Invoicing, Inventory, Manufacturing, Project Management, Payments, Shipping and more.


We work across all platforms and empower you to effectively access down-to-earth and updated data that is real-time.


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